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Luminos Institute is so much more than just a Therapy Clinic.

We offer a wide choice of courses in Holistic Therapies, Self-Development and Health & Wellness.

1 Day Taster Workshops to Practitioners Diploma.

Our Holistic Bioenergy Healing Diploma Course offers the most comprehensive curriculum of its kind in Ireland. A clearly structured nine month course encompassing 8 modules leading to a Practitioners Qualification.

We offer Post Graduate and CPD Courses which are unique to Luminos Institute, including Equine Bioenergy Healing and Bioenergy Healing for Domestic Pets, leading to an insurable add on for the qualified Bioenergy Therapist. These courses are open to anyone with an interest in maintaining their companion animals health too. Contact us for details.

Many of our workshops provide the ideal opportunity to learn new skills and to find out what a therapy such as Bioenergy Healing is all about before commiting to a more indepth course. Bringing together like minded people in a friendly and relaxed environment is all part of our interactive learning method.

At Luminos Institute we endevor to bring our students and clients the most recent developments in Holistic Healthcare. Our own Continuous Professional Development is paramount in keeping our service at the highest standard. Through regularly updating and reviewing our material we strive to keep our program in line with best practice.

Silvia Henrich, Head of Luminos Institute  

Silvia Henrich is a Professional Holistic Healthcare
Practitioner and Lecturer , with 29 years of experience in the field of
Holistic Health.

Her background encompasses a broad variety of skills
including Bioenergy Healing, Kinesiology, Clinical Hypnosis, Brain Integration,
Self-development,  Silvia draws upon all
her experience to create individualised treatments which are uniquely tailored
to the specific needs of each individual person who walks through her doors.

Silvia says:
“Distress begins with a single thought…..So does health”.

“I believe our most precious possession is our mental,
physical and social health. To me health is more than just an absence of
Illness or distress.  It is a state in
which contentedness and peace, enthusiasm, confidence and self-worth are the
normal balanced way of being.  It is my
passion to assist others in freeing themselves from any confines which are
disabling their ability to claim this natural state for themselves”.

Silvia Henrich is a well known Educational Provider and
Course Developer. Her passion for preserving and further developing Holistic
Health Care is only matched by her passion for making knowledge available in a
clear and uncomplicated fashion to all who wish to learn.

With a particular emphasis on self – development at the core
of each skills course, Silvia consistently delivers more than just another

Bioenergy Healing

Bioenergy Healing evolved over the past 4000 years and has
since time immemorial formed part of a sophisticated oriental approach to

Holistic Bioenergy Healing Therapy incorporates this ancient
wisdom with modern knowledge and practices, to form a healthcare system fitting
today’s world. At its core lies the concept of treating the entire person rather
than isolated symptoms. Restoring a healthy and abundant flow to a person’s
innate flow of energy encourages the entire being to heal and repair itself.

The therapeutic treatment course takes place over 4
consecutive days. Each therapy treatment takes approximately one hour.


Hypnotherapy & MRT

Clinical Hypnotherapy coupled with Memory Reconciliation Therapy, (MRT) a method unique to ICHI Senior Graduates, Luminos Institute offers the complete spectrum of Clinical Hypnotherapy Services. Hypnotherapy can assists in rapid behaviour modification.

We offer a full spectrum of Clinical Hypnotherapy Services to help you achieve your personal goals including:  Weightloss,  Freedom from Fears, Phobias, Anxiety Mental and Emotional Distress. Motivation, Forgiveness, Letting Go. Regression.


Training at Luminos

 “Tell me and I forget, teach me and I remember, involve me and I learn”      

We care deeply about every one who comes to Luminos to learn a new skill or expand upon their existing knowledge. All our teaching is student centered and we pride ourselves in providing plenty of individual attention to each student. We do not offer online courses, but are very happy to see you in person.

Holistic Bioenergy Healing Diploma & Self-development Course, starting March 2017. Contact us for details.

Mindfulness & Meditation, Stress Release & Self-Development starting 23rd, January 2017

Check our Holistic Courses Page for further details

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Reviews for Luminos

Hear what other people, just like you have to say about each of our services we offer here at Luminos.

Everything from Hypnotherapy to Bioenergy Healing, Workshops,CPD Courses, Adult Education Classes, Self-development and our reknowned Holistic Bioenergy Therapy Diploma Course


A new era of Treatments is here.

Modern Healthcare is undergoing a transformation!

More and more people are choosing to include traditional and complimentary methods to maintain and support their health and healing. 

Favouring a holistic approach which takes the whole person, their lifestyle and their environment into account, over the Newtonian model of pharma centered methods, which segregate parts of what make up a human being, treating symptoms and diseases in isolation with little reference to the person. 

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