Modern Healthcare is undergoing a transformation!

More and more people are choosing to include traditional and complimentary methods to maintain and support their health and healing.

Favouring a holistic approach which takes the whole person, their lifestyle and their environment into account, over the Newtonian model of pharma centered methods, which segregate parts of what make up a human being, treating symptoms and diseases in isolation with little reference to the person.

Recent scientific discoveries in the field of quantum physics and epigenetics are validating what ancient civilisations all around the globe have known since the dawn of time. We are a manifestation of energy in a physical form and interconnected to all existence. Our physical, mental, emotional and social health providing a direct reflection of the state of our energetic body and vice versa.

The energetic body houses the living blueprint for our physical body, all its function and faculties, carrying the heritage of our ancestors forward in our DNA.

When we align with these natural laws in our healing methods real and deeply profound changes can take place.

Luminos Institute is proud to be at the cutting edge of this new wave of holistic healthcare, as we continue to follow our motto by providing

Ancient Methods in a Modern World.


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