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Holistic Bioenergy Healing Therapy Diploma Course

Start Date: 25th, March 2017

 This course will provide you with all the knowledge and skills required to launch a career in Bioenergy Healing Therapy. It leads to a fully insurable practitioners qualification.

A nine month Course, which incorporates so much more than just the basic requirements to achieve a qualification.  

Apart from a full compliment of practical Bioenergy Healing Skills you will learn and gain a deep understanding of the energetic body, its structures, function  and the predictable patterns of health and wellness. You will also learn the predictable patterns of dis-ease and how to initiate self-correcting and healing patterns, promoting health on all levels in Body, Mind, Spirit and Unity.

Throughout the course self-healing and self development are paramount. Although not everyone wishes to become a practitioner at the end of this course it is important to us at Luminos that every participant gets the maximum benefit from their time with us. You can expect a profound journey of personal healing, growth and fulfilment as an integral part of your time with us.

Chi Kung, reflective practice, inner smile and self-toning are just some of the methods, which form part of this personal journey and which can be incorporated in any future professional practice. 


Contact us for your prospectus 

Start Date: 25th March 2017



Mindfulness, Meditation, Stress release & Self-development 

Start Date: 23rd January 2017

As our way of life becomes faster, busier and more stressful, many of us find it difficult to wind down, chill out and recharge the batteries.  This class provides the time and the space to help you redress the balance.

Course Content:

Ø  Physical de-stress exercises

Ø  Relaxation Breathing

Ø  Energy Breathing

Ø  Body Tapping

Ø  Visualisation

Ø  Guided Meditation

Ø  Grounding Exercise

Ø  Good nights sleep exercise.

Mindfulness in a Modern World

Have you ever noticed that when you are doing quite familiar and repetitive tasks, like driving your car, or vacuuming, that you mind is often miles away thinking about something else? You may be fantasising about going on a vacation, worrying about some upcoming event, or thinking about any number of other things. In either case you are not focusing on your current experience, and you are not really in touch with the ‘here and now.’ This way of operating is often referred to as automatic pilot mode. Mindfulness is the opposite of automatic pilot mode. It is about experiencing the world that is firmly in the ‘here and now.’ This mode is referred to as the being mode. It offers a way of freeing oneself from automatic and unhelpful ways of thinking and responding. 

Participating Fully

An aim of mindfulness is to allow yourself to consider the whole of your experience, without excluding anything. Try to notice all aspects of whatever task or activity you are doing, and do it with your full care and attention. 

Being Non-Judgemental

It is important to adopt an accepting stance towards your experience. A significant reason for prolonged emotional distress relates to attempts to avoid or control your experience. When being more mindful, no attempt is made to evaluate experiences or to say that they are good, bad, right, or wrong, and no attempt is made to immediately control or avoid the xperience. Accepting all of one’s experience is one of the most challenging aspects of mindfulness, and takes time and practice to develop. Bringing a kind and gentle curiosity to one’s experience is one way of adopting a non-judgmental stance. 

How to become Mindful

Mindfulness can be taught in a number of ways. Meditation is one of the key techniques used in mindfulness training, but not the only technique.Guided awareness exercises, activities and guided experiences are also key pathways on your journey to becoming mindful

This class runs for 5 nights.

At the end of this  5 night session you will be given the opportunity to attend an additional 5 night continuation course

Contact Gorey Adult EducationDepartment for Enrolment   


 Distance Healing Workshop

Post Graduate Workshop for Energy Therapists.

This workshop is full on and will give you the knowledge to
use distance healing with confidence through a number of advanced techniques
which are seldom taught in the classroom. You will also discover recent history of distance healing and how it became mainstream. As always quality over quantity,
places are strictly limited, booking essential.

Dates to be confirmed. Summer time only 

Bioenergy Healing Introductory Day  4th March 2017

This day offers you the opportunity to discover Bioenergy Healing through learning basic energy skills including a powerful pain relief method which is easy to use helping your family and friends. You will also get to experience a deeply self-healing method. This day is full on and packed with practical activity and information, giving you the chance to participate in the experience of doing Bioenergy Healing

You will find out what is involved in learning Bioenergy Healing to help your family and what is involved in becoming a fully qualified practitioner. This day will give you a real taste of what you can expect when learning at Luminos. Feel free to invite any friends that you think would enjoy this day

Start: 10.00 
Finish: 18.00

Ticket price: Euro 50.00 – bring a friend for free

Dates: 4th March 2017  

Equine Corrective Therapy

Dates to be confirmed. Summer time only 

Make your own Singing Bowl     3 Day Workshop

August 2017, Date to be confirmed. 

A wonderful opportunity to create your personal Singing Bowl
from start to finish !!

The practical part of this workshop has a strong crafting
element to it and begins with choosing the metal for your bowl.  From there we will bring you all the way
through to the finished bowl step by step, until it is ready to be initiated
into the circle of bowls created and any other healing instruments used
throughout the workshop.

 Much of this workshop revolves around mindfulness and being
present in the moment whilst spending your time creating and birthing a part of
yourself in the resulting bowl. This is a deeply personal journey and pretty
unpredictable. Most of us come in with an idea of what we might like to create
only to find that our inner self has very different ideas.

Throughout the three days there will be gentle guidance
along the journey, Invariably the bowl you create is much much more than just a bowl.

Cost: 300 euro plus the cost of the material which is
between 25 to 60 euro. The material is charged at cost price and depends on the
size and weight of the piece you choose
to create your bowl.

Deposit: 100 euro is required to secure a place. The deposit
is fully refundable up until 14 days before the workshop start date. It is non
refundable after that time unless the space is taken up by someone else.

Location: The Catfire Forge, Gorey, County Wexford,  (adjacent to Luminos Institute)

Lunch is a communal bring & share affair. 

Places are strictly limited booking is essential.

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