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Bioenergy Client Reviews

Bernie Leadon Bolger 5.0 ***** (Suspected Lyme Disease)

When I arrived home from riding at The World Equestrian Games in Jerez
Spain. My life & health took a 360 degrees turn downwards. After a spell in
hospital following loss of use of one side of my body it was discovered I had
Encephalitis a swelling of the brain. My strength was at an all time low. I had
to learn how to put one foot in front of the other. Before I went for
physio I was lucky enough to have some
bio energy sessions with Silvia
Henrich. The benefits were profound &
immediate. My body & mind lined back up. When I went to
physio they were amazed with my
improvement as were the team of doctors who had seen me during my time in
hospital stay. Six months later I returned to riding at The World Equestrian
Games in Dubai. Bio energy is something I would recommend as both a complimentary
& alternative remedy.” Bernie Leadon Bolger – Irish Long Distance Riding Champion

Lukasz Furmanek  5.0 ***** (Blood Sugar Imbalance)

My Blood Sugar Levels kept dropping. I had tests and monitoring. While the doctors where trying to figure out what was wrong with me I had some Bioenergy Sessions. I don’thave that problem now. Lukasz 

Rita D.  5.0 ***** (Depression)

 I have lived with Depression and Anxiety for many Years. Bioenergy with Silvia has helped me to feel good and stay well. I can be a mother, I can work, I can enjoy Life thanks to Bioenergy. Rita

Joe McDonald.  5.0 ***** (Various)

I’ve used Silvia’s skills over many years and for many different treatments and complaints. Her encyclopedic depth of knowledge coupled with her heightened emotional awareness, razor sharp gut instinct and her confidence in both her own abilities and the process itself has given me many profound and long lasting benefits. Whether its a physical, mental or emotional gripe you have don’t look any further than this lady for help. Joe

Elaine Dunne 5.0 ***** (Pregnancy)

I received a fantastic Pregnancy Bio Energy healing & Hidden Mind treatment from Silvia. I feel like such a weight has been lifted from me, feel calmer, more relaxed & I feel so much more connected to my baby! Thanks Silvia, it was an absolutely amazing treatment x Elaine

Rita Kinsella 5.0 ***** (Anxiety)

Sylvia is amazing therapist, I have had many treatments with her , Bio-energy is so relaxing both physical and mental , would highly recommend this treatment, Sylvia is very professional and from the time you enter her treament room it’s so relaxing that you will always want to return for more treatments whether it’s Bio-energy, reflexogy or other treatments that are available there. Best wishes Sylvia in all your work   Rita Kinsella 

Louise Burke  5.0 ***** (Health Maintanance)

Silvia you are truly a gifted energy worker. Absolutely everyone would benefit greatly from a Bio Energy Treatment from you. xx Louise.

Alma Byrne 5.0 ***** (Health Maintanance)

I’ve been to Silvia on several occasions and for different therapies and have to give her the 5stars Alma Byrne


5.0 *****

Thanks to Silvia I no longer have constant thoughts about ending my life. I no longer feel guilty about everything and not carrying that feeling round everyday has meant that I can live my life again. My relationship with my family has improved drastically as a result. I had got to the stage where I needed a few drinks most nights just to make me feel better… I don’t anymore.

Laura (Anxiety) 5.0 *****

For years I’ve struggled with anxiety/panic attacks when faced with going to quiet, crowded, enclosed spaces, especially churches! After only 3 sessions Silvia has helped me manage and control my anxiety and fears. Silvia immediately put me at ease with her warm, friendly personality and I would highly recommend her to anyone…I only wish I went to Silvia sooner!
Clare (Quit Smoking)   5.0 *****
So lucky to have found Sylvia, having tried everything to stop smoking for many years, I had one hypnosis over a year ago and have successfully not smoked since. Not smoking now has changed my whole life….my children are happier, my career can flourish, my health is better. I feel privileged and grateful everyday because smoking nearly destroyed me. Thank you so much Sylvia x

Dr. Sally Ryan ( Weightloss & other Issues) 5.0 *****

I am feeling very optimistic about this course of treatment , for weight loss and other issues. After the first session I felt more positive than I have done for a long time. Silvia’s gentle and caring approach, along with her professionalism and thorough knowledge of her subject, took away any anxieties I had about being hypnotised. Once I relaxed enough to engage with the treatment I could feel real change starting to take place, and I am looking forward to the rest of the sessions. I believe they will truly lead me to a lighter brighter future , with burdens shed along with the pounds.

Lorraine O’Dwyer (Anxiety/Insomnia/Stress)  5.0 *****

I went to visit Silvia for anxiety and lack of sleep after a period of prolonged stress. I found her fantastic. I was instantly put at ease by her lovely warm persona, she’s very calming to be around. After the first session I began feeling better already, two more sessions and I was back to my old self. I have been back a few times since for a few top up sessions and will continue to do so. Can’t recommend Silvia enough, thanks so much

Dolores Kearney (Public Speaking)   5.0 *****

I attended Silvia for a session to assist with a fear of public speaking. From the start, I was treated with reassuring professionalism and she explained the entire procedure. During my session, I felt at all times safe and calm, Silvia has a lovely soothing voice and it was so easy to follow. I had a public presentation to give shortly after my session and I did feel much more confident, still nervous but I, now, experienced a sense of being in control of my voice and body movements speaking in front of others. Many thanks to Silvia and would have no hesitation in recommending her services.

Bruno Oliveira de Paula (Quit Smoking)   5.0 *****

I’ve been trying to quit smoking for some time but always unsuccessfully. I met Silvia and she offered to help me quit smoking through hypnosis therapy. To be honest, In the beginning I thought it wouldn’t work, but with her help and professionalism our result was a success. Since I have stopped smoking, I feel like I’ve never smoked at all. My life has changed since the therapy. I feel much better and I have much more energy and enthusiasm with each new day. I would really like to thank Silvia for the great work she does and I recommend it to everyone who is in this war to stop smoking.


Venho tentando parar de fumar faz algum tempo mas sempre sem sucesso. Conheci a Silvia Henrich e ela me ofereceu ajuda para parar de fumar por meio de terapia de hipnose. Pra ser honesto pensei que nao funcionaria, mas com  a ajuda e o profissionalismo da Silvia o nosso resultado foi um sucesso. Desde entao fumar deixou de ser um habito, me sinto como se nunca tivesse fumado. Minha vida mudou depois da terapia, me sinto muito melhor, com mais disposicao e energia no meu dia a dia. Queria muito agradecer a Silvia pelo otimo trabalho que ela faz e eu a recomendo para todos que estao nessa guerra para parar de fumar.

James Doyle (Insomnia) 5.0 *****

I received some Treatments from Silvia recently to help me overcome insomnia. I am now getting a good night’s sleep most night’s and find her CD most helpfull making me sleep on the bad nights. Thank’s Silvia! Pleasant dream’s at last!!!

Martina (Motion sickness) 5.0 *****
Don’t ask me how it’s gone, all I can tell you is that it is GONE! My hope by sharing my story is that others can see that there is a way out for them too. You don’t have to live your life as a prisoner to your issues.


My whole life I have been unable to be a passenger in any vehicle without feeling sick within a minute of getting in. The first day of our holidays was always ruined for us as I was so sick from the travelling-it took me the rest of the day to recover. even then i’d have to stay at the hotel while my husband took the kids on the day trips.

Back home, when the kids were still young, they’d have many day trips during summer with the youth club, and i’d be driving behind the coach half way round the country with them in the car. It was costing a fortune in fuel. Even as they got older and could go without me, i wasn’t able to stand near the coach to wave them off as the smell of the exhaust fumes would bring on the thought of travelling and make me ill.

My husband was getting a bit fed up that he always had to sit in the passenger seat of his own car as I had to drive all the time. it was the only way i wouldn’t get sick. When I turned the wipers on to fast,  that was having an effect on me. It didn’t make any sense to me why this was happening. Those little motion sickness bracelet things never worked, the tablets had a bit of an effect for a while, but they weren’t a solution. I’m embarrassed to say that I heard an old wives tale about sitting on a newspaper while travelling and even tried it.

I didn’t know what to do. I’d taken my son for hypnotherapy for exam stress and it worked brilliantly, and his exam results were all the proof needed for my husband to suggest I try it for my own ailment.

I had learned that all your issues can be reprogrammed through your subconscious mind, and i definitely wanted this reprogrammed. I wanted to feel better from this so I booked in with Sylvia.

The session took about one and a half hours and was extremely relaxing.  Sylvia took me through a process and at one point I got a clear memory of when I was age 2 in the back seat of my aunt’s car in Dublin when she was going fast round a bend and I fell to one side and was so afraid I started to feel sick. It seems that this memory was being triggered every time I felt or thought of myself being in motion which I didn’t have control of.


I was amazed as I’d not known this consciously. Sylvia then gave me the suggestions which reprogrammed me not to be affected by this anymore. I walked out the door and got into the passenger seat while my husband drove me around Gorey to test it out. After about 20 mins we drove back to Sylvia’s clinic and I got out and gave her the biggest hug and said thank you!

That’s over a year ago now and the difference is amazing. I didn’t realize how much I used to worry about ”the next time I had to travel”. It’s like I’ve gained extra energy back which was unknowingly being drained by worry, as well as the sickness being gone.

I wish I had found Sylvia’s clinic 20 years ago.Thank you Sylvia

John McCarthy (Ear Itch)   5.0 *****

Hi everyone , my name is John and I went to Silvia for a hypnotherapy session for early itch that has bothered me for years, I used to be scratching the insides of my ears with keys etc which was dangerous but I couldn’t stop doing it. Silvia hypnotised me to stop the bad habit of scratching with keys and also hypnotised me that the itch would go away. It is now around six weeks since Silvia hypnotised me and I have stopped the ear scratching which is easy because the itch is completely gone. My hearing was in danger of damage if I had continued this dangerous habit and thanks to Silvia , I stopped . I had tried to stop before and failed and I can honestly say I couldn’t have stopped only for Silvia help through top quality hypnotherapy . Thanks again Silvia ! I highly recommend you for hypnotherapy, your help has improved my life dramatically !!!

Diploma Course Graduates


Elaine D.

I did this course a few years ago and it was a fabulous course. Apart from learning to become a qualified bio energy therapist, the personal development part of the course is like no other it has changed my life! 

John K

I would highly recommend Silvia Henrich’s Bio-Energy course, as the depth of information and professionalism is truly amazing. This course covers all aspects of bio-energy in great detail as the lectures given by Silvia are excellent and everyone receives the time and attention necessary. The course has provided me and many others with the skills and knowledge to become a Bio-Energy therapist.  The knowledge given to me by the course has helped me and enlightened me greatly regards health and wellness. it has given me and my family a different outlook on life. John

Aoife M

The Luminos Institute Bio
Energy Practitioners Course opened up a whole new world to me and gave me a new
perspective from which to see all life. It has given me a greater understanding
of how the universe works and also wonderful tools to use to address imbalances
I perceive within myself and others.

The self-development part
of the course was invaluable and ensured the journey was a deeply personal one.
I particularly enjoyed, and find so useful for maintaining my own personal
health and wellbeing, the Chi Kung exercises we learned.

Silvia is a natural teacher
who loves to share her vast knowledge and passion for alternative therapies.
Many subject areas are covered on the course, all of which complement the main
theme very well and ensure there is a good variety and rhythm to the weekends.

I would strongly recommend
this course to anyone interested in learning about Bio Energy, alternative
therapies and discovering more about themselves!    Aoife


 Jacintha H.

Silvia is a wonderful therapist with a mindful of knowledge to be drawn from. A very compassionate genuine person who treats the people she works with, with the greatest respect. Silvia works from her heart, caring deeply for this beautiful earth that we live in. Ireland is lucky to have Silvia Henrich sharing her gifts with us all. Keep up your great work Silvia!! Xxx Jacintha  

Adrienne C.

This was an amazing course, an amazing learning experience in more ways than one. We have learned so much and it was a truly enriching experience where we gelled so well in our group. Everyone was genuine and there is nobody on the course that I wouldn’t want to stay in touch with.  

As well as learning so much there has been growth & learning personally for me.I have had to step out of my comfort zone so many times with regard to speaking out in a group, volunteering to be a Guinea Pig and also to ask questions. This has always been so difficult for me and i usually deal with it by avoidance. I have had to face that fear and while it was uncomfortable for me at times it has been a time of growth for me that will help me in other aspects of my life.

Without reservation I can say Silvia was an amazing tutor. From the very start Silvia created an atmosphere of warmth and acceptance by where we felt comfortable sharing, asking questions. No question was ever to trivial. Silvia genuinely cared and is an amazing teacher.  

Not everyone with great knowledge is able to teach and impart knowledge. Silvia can. Thank you so much, for such a great experience.    

Kathleen M.

The amount of information I now have is amazing. There was a great sense of cameraderie & friendship between us all. Silvia is an amazing teacher, so interesting & never boring! She instilled confidence in us through answering all our questions thoroughly no matter how foolish they seemed. We did lots of hands on work during the course which was very important. I feel confident to go forward as a therapist and I know I have the back up of Silvia & the other girls if I have any difficulties. 

Silvia Couldn’t have been any better – a great teacher, full of patience & information – always willing to answer questions & tell us how great we are doing.  We learned to think outside the box & ask good questions & most especially how to treat clients with compassion and love. Couldn’t be any better. 

Pauline C.

I personally can say that I thoroughly enjoyed the course. The course itself has been very intense in a good way. We have been given so much information that I feel more secure about going forward, also the fact that we have been told Silvia will always be there if we need her is a great comfort. Finally I couldn’t have done this with a better teacher or a better bunch of girls who I will always consider as good friends, and hopefully keep in touch.

Silvia has been the most fantastic teacher ever. She has been so generous with her information, and every correction demonstrated by her has been done with so much care and love. I will always consider her a true friend that I hope will continue.

Aishling C.

The course has been incredible. I learned things over and above what I ever thought I’d learn. The learning environment was incredibly organic each weekend. Silvia was always so supportive to us throughout.

Silvia has been just wonderful throughout the entire course. She was also so free with her time and knowledge. Each weekend she was just so caring towards each and everyone on the course. 10/10 for an excellent tutor.

Linda H.

Love Bio Energy.!! I completed this course two years ago. BRILLIANT!         Apart from becoming a Bio Energy Therapist it has strengthened me in every aspect of life. I strongly recommend this Course to all, for your benefit and others. ENJOY !!!



Equine Bioenergy Corrective Therapy

Legend, Thoroughbred, Showjumper              He was kicked on his stifle and was cripled but thanks to Silvia’s treatments he is now sound. Without Silvia and her bio energy treatment legend wouldn’t be doing so well. Thanks so much ! Hope many other horses have the same great result. Laragh Flynn


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